About Us

We are part of Corebridge Financial, one of the largest and most established providers of insurance products in the United States.

With Corebridge Direct, you can work with one of the leaders in insurance to help protect your family with reliable and affordable term life insurance. Life insurance coverage through Corebridge Direct is a solid foundation you can build on to help protect your hopes and dreams, while helping to provide for your family's financial future.

Since 1995, Corebridge Direct has helped over six million people in their search to find top quality life insurance protection at affordable rates. We continue to assist thousands of people each month, helping them secure top-quality coverage across a variety of products.

To help keep things simple, our knowledgeable and licensed life insurance agents work directly with you to find the best life insurance coverage to suit your budget and needs. Corebridge Direct strives to provide customers with valuable, in-depth and personalized term life insurance information along with the convenience of handling everything right over the phone.

Why Corebridge Direct

We assist thousands of people each month by providing accurate and free online term life insurance quotes and helping them secure high quality coverage.

Our History

Since 1995, our vision has not changed: to help Americans secure quality life insurance at affordable prices and to help them secure the future for their families and loved ones.

Corebridge Direct Scholarship Program

Corebridge Direct join hands with Life Lessons Scholarship Program that offers scholarships to students who were financially impacted after losing a parent or loved one.

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Phone, email or chat - Our licensed agents and support professionals can help you compare insurance plans to help find the best cost and coverage for you.


Begin a life insurance career with one of the leading life insurance agencies in the United States. Join the team of professionals at Corebridge Direct.