Compensation Disclosure

Corebridge Direct is licensed in various states as a life, accident and health insurance producer. As an insurance agent, we are the representatives for the insurance company.

When you buy insurance through us, we receive compensation from the insurance company that issues the policy. This compensation may include commissions when a policy is purchased or renewed, and fees or other compensation for marketing and administrative services and educational opportunities. The compensation may vary by insurer and the specific product and features purchased. We may be entitled to receive bonuses related to sales volume and/or profitability of the business we write, and incentive trips or prizes associated with sales or sales performance. The products we offer may vary based on factors such as face amount, customer age, health status and other considerations. As an affiliated agency of American General Life Insurance Company (“American General”) and The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York (“US Life,” American General and US Life are each an “Affiliated Insurer”), we also receive additional compensation to defray the expense of marketing Affiliated Insurer products.